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It is the science of planets that studies the cause and effect of planetary movement on human being based on his horoscope. Like other physical sciences astrology also follows the rules, laws and formulations. It provides the individual the remedies who are interested in optimizing their life through a particular philosophy and positive thought.

Role of Planets in Human Life:
We the human beings! Some of us are rich and some are poor, some are optimistic and some are pessimistic, some are innovative and some are destructive. Some of us are doing well and good, honestly but got nothing and hard to cope with the situations and some are blessed with lotteries, rewards and honors without doing anything, why so? It’s all due to the movement of planets. Planets play a vital role in human life. As we all know, there are 9 planets named Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto revolving around the Sun. Basically astrology studies the 5 planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are ignored because they are too far from the sun and treats Sun as planet and North Pole and South Pole of the Earth as 2 planets, Moon is not a planet, it is the satellite of Earth but in astrology it is treated as a planet.

About the Planets:
Sun:   Sun is the largest planet among all planets; it provides energy to human life on earth. It is related to the honor of the native. The Sun tells us of the actual core of a person, the inner self, of that which is of central concern. It also shows us the general vitality and the ability to assert oneself, it describes a general tone of being which colors everything else. 

Color: Orange
Gem-Stone: Manik
Body Part: Eyes

Sign equivalent: Leo
Diameter: 1'390'000 km.
The Earth's orbit from Sun: 149'600'000km
Periode Earth - Sun: 365.25 Days

You can recite "Surya Kavacham", "Surya Stotra" or "Surya Ashtottara Shat Namahvali". These available in the market at book shops.
Offer water to Sun after bath. This is called "Surya Namahskar" Mantra used be
"Om Namo Bhagvate Suryae Namahha".
"Om kareeng Kareeng Karoong seh Boumaye Namahha"

This mantra be recited for ten thousand times. Pooja be performed with Red chandan and Red flowers of Lal Kaner plant preferably.

or "Om Harang Hareeng Haroong Seh Suryae Namah" "Om Harang Hareeng Haroong Seh Om Bhur Bhuwah Sawah Om Alkrishnen rajsa Varatmano Niveshyanmritam mareyanch Hiranyen Savete Rathenadevi Yati Bhovnani Pashyan. Om savah Bhovah Om Sah Haroong Harang Om Suryae Namahh".
This mantra be recited for 7,000 times. Surya Namahskar is a must in the morning and Pooja of Surya be performed with Red flowers and Red Chandan.


Moon:           Moon is not a planet, it is the satellite of Earth but in astrology it is treated as a planet. it is related to the comforts enjoyed by the native. The Moon represents our feelings and emotions, the receptivity, imagination and basic feeling tone of a person. It also has an effect on the sense of rhythm, time and timing, it influences our adaptability to change, our mobility and versatility. 

Color: white
Gem-Stone: Pearl
Body part: Heart

Sign equivalent: Cancer
Orbit from Earth: 384'000km
Period: 27.32 Days

Vedic Mantra   "Om Sharang Shareeng Sharoong Seh Om Bhoorbhava Sawah Om emandeva aspatan subdavam hane Kashatriye mahne Jyeshthaye mahete Janarajyeendarasthenindraye yayaya"

"Emushaye Putarmushye Putarmaste Vishamishvomi Raja Somoasmakan. Brahman raja II" . "Om Sevah Bhuvah Bho Om Seh Sherong Shareeng Sharang Om Chandermase namahh"

Tantra-Mantra   "Om Sharang Shareeng Sharoong Seh Chandaarmase Namahh"

This mantra be recited for 11,000 times. Chander Namahskar be performed in the evening after performing Chander pooja with white flowers and white Chandan.

Puranic Mantra:   "Dadhishankhtusarabham Ksheerodarnavosannibha mam Namahmi Shashinam Soman Shambhormukutbhashanam".


Mars:            Mars is the fourth planet revolving around the sun. it is related to the Health & Enemies of the native. Mars represents the energy and drive of a person, their courage, determination, the freedom of spontaneous impulse. It also describes the readiness for action, the way one goes about doing things as well as simple aggression. 

Color: Brick-red
Gem-Stone : Moonga
Body part: Blood

Sign equivalent: Aries
Orbit from Sun: 227'940'000 km
Period: 1,9 Years


"Om Karang Kareeng Karoong See Om Bhoorbhava Sawa Om agnimoordhi diwa Kkutpati Prathioyayam apa Reta Sejinvati Om Sawah Bhoovah Bhooh Om Sah Kroung Kareng Karang Om Bboumaya Namahh".
"Om Karang kareeng Karoong Seh Boumaye Namah".

This mantra be recited for 10,000 times. Pooja be performed with Red Chandan and Red flowers of Lal Kaner preferably.
"Dharanigarbhsam bhootam Vidyatkuntisam prabham Kumaramshaktihast amch Mangaiam pranamahmyaham."

Mercury:     Mercury is the first planet revolving around the sun. it is related to the mind, knowledge and education of the native. Mercury represents reason, reasonableness (common sense), that which is rational. It stands for the spoken and written word, putting in order, weighing and evaluating, the process of learning and skills.

Color: Green
Gem-Stone: Emerald
Body part: Teeth

Sign equivalents: Gemini and Virgo
Orbit from Sun: 57'910'000 km
Period: 88 Days

"Om Bharam Bharim Bharom seh Bhoor Bhava Sawah Om Udbudhyas Vagne Pratijagrihi Twamishpurtc She Srujetha Mayanch. Asmintsandhasthe Ardhyuktarsmin Vishvedeva Yajmanasheh Prasedat. Om Seh Bhoova Bhoo, Om Bharom Bharim Bharom Budhaye Namahh".

"Om bharam bharim bharom Seh Budhaye namahh".

This mantra to be recited for 9,000 times. Pooja of Budha be performed with flowers of different colors.
"Priyang gukalikashyamam Rooopenpratimam Budham. Soumyam Soumyagunopitam Tarn Budham Pranmamya".


Jupiter:       Jupiter is the biggest planet and positioned at fifth revolving around the sun. it is related to the Honor and Education of the native. The search for individual meaning and purpose, optimism, hope and a sense of justice are represented by Jupiter. So also faith, a basic philosophy of life, the striving for spiritual growth and expansion. 

Color: Yellow
Gem-Stone: Yellow Sapphire
Body part: Breath

Sign equivalent: Sagittarius
Orbit from Sun: 778'330'000 km
Period: 11,9 Years


"Om grang greeng graung Seh Om Bhoorbhavah Swah Brihaspateatiya Daryoarhadyumduibhati Ritumajjaneshu. Yaddidsyachchhvasritapra jatatadsmisu Dravinamdyohichittam. Om Swah Bhoovah Bhoo Om Seh grang greeng graung Om Brihaspataye Namahh".

"Om grang greeng graung seh kurve Namahh".

This mantra to be recited for 19,000 times and pooja be performed with flowers of yellow color.
"Devananch Rishinanch Gurum Kanchansannibham. Buddhibhootam Trilokesham Tarn Namahmi Brahespatim"


Venus: Venus is the Second planet revolving around the sun. it is related to the Wealth and Romance of the native. Venus gives us a sense of beauty, the enjoyment of pleasure, aesthetic awareness, love of harmony, sociability, taking pleasure in relationships and eroticism.


Color: Cream
Gem-Stone: Diamond & Zircon
Body part: Sexual Organs

Sign equivalents: Libra and Taurus
Orbit from Sun: 108'200'000 km
Period: 225 Days

"Om darang dareeng daroong Seh Om Bhoorbhava sawa Om Annat Parisrato Rasam Brahmanam Vyapibat Kshatramyatom. Prajapatih! Riten Satyamindriyavipan Shukramandhasandrasyen-  driyamidampayomritamamadhum. Om Svaha Boovaha Bhooha Om Seh Daroung Dareeng Darang Om Shukraye Namahh"!

"Om darang dareeng daroong sah Shukraye namah".

This mantra be recited for 16,000 thousand times. Pooja be performed with white flowers and white Chandan.
"Himkundmrinaiabham Daityanam Paramam gurum.

Sarvashastraprovoktaram Bhargavam Pranamahm Yaham!

Saturn: Saturn is the sixth planet revolving around the sun. it is the slowest but most effective planet in astrology. it is related to the work and wealth of the native. Saturn shows how we experience "reality", where we meet with resistance and discover our limitations. It represents the conscience and moral conviction, the laws and rules which we choose to obey. It also tells us about our powers of endurance and the ability to concentrate; it lends qualities like earnestness, caution and reserve. 

Color: Black and Blue
Gem-Stone: Blue Sapphire
Body part: Age

Sign equivalent: Capricorn
Orbit from Sun: 1'429'400'000 km
Period: 29,5 Years


"Om Krang Kreeng Krong Seh Om Bhoor Bhawa Kra Om ShanooDevi rabhishtaye Aapo Bhawanto Peetye Shanyorabi Shaneshthaye Om Kha Bhawa Bhu Om Seh Kraang Kreeng Krong Om Shanshchraya mamah"
"Om Krang Kreng Krong seh Shaneye Namah"

The either of the mantra be recited for 24000 times. Pooja be performed with blue flowers and chandan. mustured oil deep at Pooja time. Keep a fast on Saturday. Saturn stotra be recited. Donate black mash, til, Sarsoon oil, iron vessel, black cloth etc. offer food to old men. Use sadesati yantra.
"Om Neeanjansama bhasam Raviputra Yamagrajam.
Chhayamartandsambhatam Tarn Namami Shanesh charam".


Rahu: There is no physical existence of this planet. Basically it is the North Pole of the Earth. It is related to the disturbance creation in the day to day life of human being.
"Om Bhariing Bhareeng Bharong Seh Om Bhoorbhava Savaha Om Kayanashichittar Abhoovatooti Sadavriddha Sakha! kayashachtsth-yavrita. Om Svaha Bhoova Bhoo om Sab Bharoong Bhareeng Bharang Om Rahava Namahh".

Color: Blue
Gem-Stone: Gomed

"Om Bharang Bhareeng Bharong Seh Rahve Namah".

This Mantra be recited for 18,000 times during night. Pooja performed with Blue flowers and Chandan.
"Devananch Rishinanch Gurum Kanchansannibham". Buddhibhootam Trilokesham Tarn Namahmi Brahespatim"!

"Om Shradh kayam Mahavirya Chandradhityavimardanam Singhtkagarbhsam bhootam Tarn Rahu Pranamahm yaham"


Ketu: There is no physical existence of this planet. Basically it is the South Pole of the Earth. It is related to the disturbance creation in the day to day life of human being.

Color: Smoke
Gem-Stone: Lehsuniya

"Om prang Preeng Praung Seh Bhoorbhavah swaha. Om Ketum Krivannketava Yasbomaryaapeshase. Samusdwibharjayathah. Om Swah Bhoovah, Bhoo, Om Seh Prang Pareeng Praoung Katave Namahh".
"Om Patasyuspasankasham Tarkagrahamastakam. Roudram Roudfutmakam ghoram Tarn katum Pranamahmyaham"



Uranus stands for intuition; it transmits sudden inspiration and lightning insights. Openness for all that is new, unknown and unusual. A sort of wrong-headed contrariness is also associated with this planet. It is said to be characteristic of astrology as such. 

Sign equivalent: Aquarius
Orbit from Sun: 2'870'990'000 km
Period: 84 Years


This planet gives us the supersensory, opens doors to mystical experience and the transcendental. On this level it is hard to discern where perception moves into deception, illusion and false appearances, and so Neptune is associated with all of these, with drugs and all kinds of pseudo-realities. 

Sign equivalent: Pisces
Orbit from Sun: 4'504'300'000 km
Period: 165 Years


The seeker's purpose could be anything like acquisition of prosperity, health, education, human ills or spiritual upliftment. For each purpose, there is different "Mantra". For example, the Gayatri Mantra is a prayer to the Sun as Savitri, the inner compeller, which radiates light in the physical world and stimulates spiritual realist action.

Mantras can be taken for mitigating various human ills. For instance, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is for overcoming untimely death, begetting relief from even the most dangerous disease and enjoying relief from severe trouble in life. Recitation of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra has been recommended for overcoming the malefic effects of certain planets.
Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is meant for overcoming untimely death, begetting relief from most dangerous diseases and enjoying relief from severe troubles in life. There is an interesting episode in "Siva Purana" in the context of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. King Kshwa struck sage Dadhicha, son of Chyavana, by his thunderbolt. His limbs were broken and he remembered Sukra, one of his ancestors. Sukra appeared before Dhadhicha and joined his broken limbs and advised him to perform penance aimed at Lord Siva by reciting "Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra". having performed severed penance; he obtained three boons from Lord Siva, known as Mrityunjaya, the conqueror of Death. The three boons granted were adamantine bones, immunity from death and absence of distress. The episode clearly focuses on the capacity and efficacy of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. 

Our body contains several divine energies located in every limb and nerve, from head to sole. Ancient sages saw the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra as capable of invoke the universal forces, Lord's energy in various forms including "Ashta Vasu", "Ekadasa Rudras", "Dvadasa Aduityas", "Shat Chakras", "Sahasra Dala", "Three Vedas", "Four Gunas", " Four Directions etc.