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We is a research team of astrologers where we study about he various aspects of the cause and effect of the position of planets in the native’s horoscope and make a step forward as remedies to sort out from the unfavorable situations. For about a decade, after study and research, our team is providing services to individuals in the field of Astrology and Stress Management.

We are based at the city of Jalandhar (India). We are having a strong web-presence and started the online operations in the year 2009 to provide the consultancy services to the individuals around the world in order to cope with their myriad problems.

It is the advanced step to enlarge and integrate the knowledge of astrology and to generally work for spreading the benefits of astrology as art and science. Astrology is the practice of relating heavenly bodies to lives and events on earth.

We provide you the ancient astrological remedies and solutions which could provide you relief from the effects of planets; we’ll provide you remedial report in our Ask a Question service.

Our comprehensive online monthly astroera newsletter with precise information about the member would be very helpful to him/her.

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NOTE:We do not provide auto generated reports. We study individual planets to provide described reports and suggest remedies to native for his/her problem solutions.